One of the largest (and growing) issues facing employee benefits today is skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. According to the 2014 Milliman Medical Index, the average American family of four spent $3,787 in out-of-pocket costs. Estimates for this year place it over $4,000.  The average family budget can’t take much more. This is a problem because the most-used plan design changes lately have shifted costs to employees. We need new approaches that actually change costs and outcomes, not just shift the expenses.

​Saaytech’s  Telehealth services helps companies put a solution together that increases access to care while returning hard-dollar savings and improving employee morale 

Our service allows patients a doctor visit by Video conferencing and phone - all the way to getting a prescription written, if appropriate. It works for two-thirds of doctor visits that are short-term acute care issues.


30% Increase in revenue.

No upfront cost! 
Realize revenue in as little as 30 days.
 Fully managed program.

The CMS reported that about 35 million Medicare beneficiaries are eligible to receive these billable care-management services. But the agency has received reimbursement requests for only about 100,000.

•Advance Care Plan ($80/patient)

•Complex Chronic Care ($80/patient)

•Chronic Care Management($42.60/patient)

•Remote Patient Monitoring ($56/patient)

​welcome to saaytech

Saaytech provides services in the design, development, implementation and maintenance of an array of information systems used in the healthcare industry.

Our mission is to deliver better healthcare solutions tailored to the needs of each client by leveraging  Information Technology.
We offer comprehensive services in:

  • ·IT Audit
  •  Health Information Exchange
  • Telemedicine
  •  Remote Patient Service
  •  Chronic Care Management

​We promote the use of Information Technology to enhance communication, improve quality of life and increase our client's return on Investment.  

We offer comprehensive services in assesment and planning, Workflow design, privacy and security guidance and bespoke IT solutions based on client's need.