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Our mission is to create solutions that exceeds our customer's expectation.
​We promote the use of Information Technology to enhance communication, improve quality of life and increase our client's return on Investment.  

We offer comprehensive services in assesment and planning, Workflow design, privacy and security guidance and bespoke IT solutions based on client's need.

We document office workflows in a clear non technical format. Asses current processes  in order to determine the operational efficiency. Identify challenge areas with current processes and learn ways to improve them.

We Anticipate the operational requirements and develop new workflows based on current office environment and organizational goals.

Our game changing EMED is the newest technology that connects patients with their Health Care Provider. EMED web portal allows the patient to bring all their scattered pieces of health information together in one central location.   

The patient Protection and Affordable Care Act mandates that all doctors and hospitals must have Electronic Medical Records by 2014. The law states that medical records must be hand carried, as they are not allowed to be sent via email due to HIPAA regulations.

This means that the patient must carry their medical records and have access to view them. This is where our innovative EMED solution comes into play. Providers can upload patient's record to the health portal and the users can carry their Emergency and complete medical information on our fashionable Saaytech 3D USB integrated Pedometer watch or EMED Inteli-card, for providing instant access to your medical information.  

Our Saaytech Access, Billing and Identification (SABI) card is a bespoke solution designed for schools to address the growing need of USB flash drives among students. Practical and simple to use, it combines, School ID card, meal card and USB drive, on to a single device.  

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