Doctor's office Quality-IT.

The introduction of an electronic health record (EHR) into a practice presents great operational challenges, as well as opportunities, for the improvement of patient care.  Saaytech can assist you in examining your current office processes, look at areas for improvement or change based on the transition from paper to computer, and to implement these changes in your office.

Our approach:

  • Document medical office workflows in a clear, understandable format
  • Assess current processes in a medical office in order to determine the level of operational efficiency
  • Identify problem areas with current processes and learn methods to improve them
  • Anticipate the operational requirements and improvement opportunities of EHR implementation
  •  Develop new workflows based on current office environment, organizational goals, and best practices
  • Preparing practices for
  • EHR readiness
  • EHR – EHR functionality requirement analysis
  • EHR – EHR vendor selection and implementation
  • EHR planning – EHR feature functionality optimization

Population Health Software.

​We combine technology with care management services to reduce costs, improve outcomes and boost consumer satisfaction. Contact us today to get a free evaluation.


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