Saaytech's Electronic Medical Emergency Data (EMED) is a health information exchange portal which enables users to carry their emergency medical information and complete health record in a safe and secure manner. EMED also  allows exchange of patient information between Physicians seamlessly. This means no forklift upgrade or additional software patches to take your EMR to stage 3.

EMED allows Physicians and Hospitals meet meaningful use stage 3 of Health Information Act of 2009. Contat for more information

Health Information technology

The central component of health IT is the Electronic Health Record (EHR). It empowers the individual to take possession of their complete health record available digitally.

One of the most significant issues with Electronic Health Record (EHR) continue to be that they are often developed and installed as standalone systems that are part of a larger health information network.
Fragmented or incomplete patient records can hinder the ability of an EHR to perform critical services, such as sending an alert when a duplicate procedure is ordered or effectively coordinating care among disparate providers. Without interoperable systems that are capable of filling in the digital gaps of a patient’s longitudinal medical history, health providers can be limited by disparate technologies.  


Chronic Care Management

30% Increase in revenue. No up-front cost  Realize revenue in as little as 30 days.

The CMS reported that about 35 million Medicare beneficiaries are eligible to receive these billable care-management services. But the agency has received reimbursement requests for only about 100,000.

A complete Care Management solution design  to support:

 CPT 99490 Chronic Care Management

CPT 99487 Complex Chronic Care


The Association of American Medical Colleges Center for workforce studies estimates that USA will face a shortage of 124,000 to 159,000 Physicians by 2025.  Novel approaches are required to combat deficiencies in the way health care is delivered.

​Saaytech's MD virtual visit and MD virtual care promotes a patient centered model that allows providers the flexibility to access their patients in their own homes with the help of Medical Assistants, licensed practical nurses or aides.