We supply following items to Federal Government. 

Engine components, bearings, air frames, helicopter components, cargo

aviation items, cable assemblies, instrumentation and gages, aviation life support items, aircraft landing gear components, aircraft ground servicing equipment, chain and wire rope, guided missile maintenance and repair equipment, lugs, terminals, terminal strips, electrical motors, non-rotating electrical converters, electrical control equipment, generators, chemical products, industrial gases and cylinders, rings, shims, and spacers
which support most major weapons systems.

Information Technology: 

​Enterprise Network Design, Ethernet as last  mile provider, IT parts procurement.

Safety and Security: 

  • COMINT: Advanced Cellular Monitoring:  ∙Audio Intercept  ∙Link Analysis + Big Data & Intelligence  ∙Tracking over mobile networks  ∙Situational Awareness (and more). Our monitoring - deployed by  intelligence agencies, counter-terror forces, Police investigators, and others Government agencies.   
  • Counter Bomb Technologies:  Bomb Jammer™ line of RCIED Defeat,  Suicide Bomb Detector, Airborne Bomb Detector, and more. These electronic warfare countermeasures are for convoy security in hostile territories + stationary building & checkpoint security. Suicide Bomb Detectors seek PBIED threats ; Airborne Bomb Detectors seek unexploded ordnance, weapons, mines.
  • RF Signal Detection:  – Detecting phones, drones, drone operators, and more, HSS employs the Early Warning and Mesh Network capability for use in Prisons, Military Bases, Presidential + Diplomatic residences, and Government grounds. We secure both AIRSPACE + GROUNDSPACE, deploying MicroMesh + GlobalMesh Detection. These are API friendly with most visualization systems, detect RF threats [phones & drones] + WiFi, MiFi, Bluetooth, and other RF signatures.


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