Saaytech's Electronic Medical Emergency Data (EMED) is a health information exchange portal which enables users to carry their emergency medical information and complete health record in a safe and secure manner. EMED also  allows exchange of patient information between Physicians seamlessly. This means no forklift upgrade or additional software patches to take your EMR to stage 3.

EMED allows Physicians and Hospitals meet meaningful use stage 3 of Health Information Act of 2009. Visit www.emedhie.com for more information

Health Information technology

Health IT involves the design, development, implementation and maintenance of an array of information systems used in the healthcare industry. Advancements in health IT systems help to lower medical costs, improve efficiency and provide better patient care and service. There are a wide variety of HIT applications in the health care industry, including:Administrative Billing, Electronic prescribing (e-prescribing), Computerized provider order entry, Clinical decision support systems, Electronic health records, E-mail communication with patients, Desktop and laptop computers, Mobile medical carts and Handheld medical peripherals.  The central component of health IT is the Electronic Health Record (EHR). It empowers the individual to take possession of their  complete health record available digitally. The EHR can be shared among multiple clinics, agencies and hospitals, for streamlined patient care. The digital EHR and other Health IT innovations have allowed practitioners across the globe better communicate with each other and care for their patients. Our goal is to create solutions that match the unique needs of each client.


Due to the large demand for bandwidth efficiency and low costs that Voice over IP (VoIP) technology can provide, businesses are migrating over from traditional copper-wire telephone systems to adopt a converged solution, where Voice and data are carried on the same circuit or local loop for overall cost reduction and better performance. At Saaytech we have helped customers reduce their telecommunication spending by as much as 30%. Contact our Business Solutions Group to find out how we can help you minimize cost and produce a bigger Return on Investment.


The Association of American Medical Colleges Center for workforce studies estimates that USA will face a shortage of 124,000 to 159,000 Physicians by 2025.  Novel approaches are required to combat deficiencies in the way health care is delivered.

​Saaytech's MD virtual visit and MD virtual care promotes a patient centered model that allows providers the flexibility to access their patients in their own homes with the help of Medical Assistants, licensed practical nurses or aides.